First Ever Super 8 West Coast Championship.


On Saturday, December 17 the Duo Sports Thundercats captured the first ever Super 8 West Coast Championship. As the Super 8 has been working toward building a league in the United States after successfully running a league in Mexico for over 6 years, this was the culmination of a wonderful season. As to be expected there are still some kinks to be worked out but overall it was a success and the Super 8 would like to thank all the teams that participated in the first season:

Nevada Cobras

Los Angeles Hilltoppers

Los Angeles Knights

Bakersfield Broncos

Duo Sports Thundercats


The Broncos came into the final at 6-1 with their only loss being a 31-35 defeat at home in Bakersfield vs. the Duo Sports Thundercats. The Thundercats for the first time in their history started a season 0-3 but managed to turn their season around and win 4 straight to reach the championship. In the complete opposite of the shoot out in Bakersfield the championship game was a defensive struggle which saw the Thundercats strike first on a 9 yard TD pass from QB Justin Mc Kenzie to WR Phillip Williams to put the Thundercats up 6-0 late in the first half. After an apparent stop the T-Cats looked to be going into the half up 6 points but a very untimely roughing the passer penalty gave the Broncos new life and on 4th and goal the Broncos RB #27 punched it in and the ensuing extra point to give the Broncos a narrow 7-6 half time lead. After a defensive struggle most of the 3rd and 4th quarters and the defenses of both team forcing turnovers, the Thundercats with under 2 minutes to play once again found away to comeback from behind when Justin Mc Kenzie connected with Xavier Weathersby on a 37 yard TD pass to put the T-Cats up 12-7 after a Weathersby interception on the ensuing drive the Thundercats took a knee and were crowned Super 8 West Coast Champions in an ultra competitive season.



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